The great Jubilee of Liberty

Closing the most exciting day from beginning to end

The jubilee is to celebrate the end of a disappointing stage and the beginning of a wonderful life according to God's plan.

What is the jubilee of freedom?

It is an event designed to celebrate the completion of its 12 -week day in small groups, and we believe that being part of the Jubileo de Libertad is the next fundamental step for their health and solidifying its total freedom through a deep experience with God.

We want God to sow in their hearts the power and purpose it has for them, in a world that tried to disqualify and embarrass them for not being enough.

The purpose of the jubilee:

  • Celebrate with them the dignity and purpose that God has returned to them.
  • Affirm the idea that with God the beautiful opportunities are born from our wounds when they are healed.
  • Convert the disappointment into the foundation where a strong, resistant and productive life is built.
  • Promote them to have empowered and meaningful lives.


What is the meaning of "Jubilee of Freedom"?
The word "jubilee" represents celebration. It is a closing ceremony to celebrate what God did during the 12 weeks with the total freedom groups, where the participants toured a transformative day.
Where does this idea arise?
It is based on the principle that God ordered his people in Deuteronomy 25, that when someone could not pay a debt, he was as a servant of the creditor until the year of the jubilee, there it was when the creditor was obliged to leave him freely and the debt was canceled; It was a sample of God's mercy. In the same way, now we celebrated the jubilee, for those who were trapped in a disappointing past, but that God brought their jubilee year and gave them total freedom.
What is the clothing for the event?
It is casual. You may want to bring a sweater or a light jacket if you don't like cold.
Our team will provide a manual and a pen, but we recommend that you bring your Bible if you have it.
Do I have to register before the event begins?
You can do it at the door, but to ensure your seat, we recommend you register previously.
Will children care be provided?
Of course. We hope to create a distraction -free atmosphere for you, and we will be prepared to accommodate children from 4 to 10 years.
On Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (includes refreshments) and Saturday from 9: AM to 5:00 pm (includes refrigeies and lunch).
How do I ask if I have any questions about the event?
For all questions related to the event, you can contact us by clicking here. If you here the demo, there you can download all the material on the event