Celebrating with those not celebrated

Breaking the power of pain and shame with a party

Here begins a wonderful day for anyone who has been disappointed at some stage of his life.

How is a freedom party made?

Depending on the number of people, it is made in the church with much of the congregation as hosts, or in a host home where family and friends meet. They have all had some of the following experiences; They have been injured, disappointed, rejected, abandoned, betrayed, abused, etc., etc. And through the power of union and our Latin food, the party awakens hope in broken hearts.

Why do a party?

  • Build trust in hurt people.
  • Break negative messages and stereotypes.
  • Le da dignidad y valor al “invitado de honor”.
  • It's very easy to do.
  • It brings together people for a common cause.
  • It is the beginning of a restorative and vivifying day.


What is the meaning behind the name "Freedom Festival"?
The word "freedom" produces hope. And although these parties are not lavish, we want them to overflow with overflowing love and hope. They are meetings sponsored by restored people who focus their love on other people who may not believe they are loved and respected.
Where does this idea arise?
We follow the example of Jesus, who in Luke 4:18 said that he came to serve the broken hearts, captive and oppressed. And the Freedom Festival comes from the famous parable that Jesus taught about a father who organized a party for his son, as a way of showing him that he was still deeply loved.
Is the Freedom Festival only for injured and captive?
Absolutely. A freedom party is for anyone who needs an infusion of hope, love and faith. It can be a friend, a neighbor, a person who has gone through a difficult season (bankruptcy, violence, infidelity, abandonment, etc.).
Are the parties on label?
NO. It is a connection, love, fellowship and hope, in a very informal and family environment.
How many people attend the party?
Freedom parties can be 10 or 100 people. They can be small and intimate celebrations in a house or large in an auditorium.
How long do freedom parties last?
Usually, the parties last approximately 2 hours. First we eat and have a good time. Then, we give each guest of honor a simple gift, we talk about the total freedom groups and share the lesson of the first week, we also share some testimonies and finally pray for them as a group. In the end we all celebrate!
How can anyone organize their freedom party?
Simply fill a form and someone contacts you, provides all the necessary information and prepares the details to organize your own party. It's simple, easy, fun, and healer!