How to use Total Freedom with the Growth Strategy?

It is very simple, the same procedure of 5 weeks of reach is followed, but the invitation is not for the “Friend's Day” but for the “Freedom Festival”. The goal is to have that day the greatest number of people who want to be restored.

The event does not revolve around a cult but of a celebration party, where honor guests enjoy food and fellowship, and then cover the lesson of the first week, and the greatest number of freedom groups begin Total, for twelve weeks will be following the program.

Before doing all this, they must be trained enough “coaches” or group leaders using our online training, where they will learn how to heal injured people and all aspects of each week.

All advertising and invitation material must also be prepared to use during the 5 weeks, focused on the Freedom Party. When acquiring total freedom, you can download all the promotion material if you are using the strategy in your church.

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